Our elders oversee the work of the congregation and guard the flock against false teaching doctrine and shepherd the congregation. Our deacons serve the congregation and support it’s work, operations, and ministries.


Asberrys for Web.png
Dino & Beverly Asberry
Reclamation | ShepherdingVisitation
Benevolence, Building & Grounds, 
Finance, H.O.P.E., Marketing, Singles, SNL, Transportation, Tutoring
Bernard & Rosemary Matthews
Cramers for Web.png
Donald & Teresa Cramer
Reclamation | ShepherdingVisitation
Anaideia, Assimilation, C.E.A.S.E., Evangelism Mobile Meals, New Path, 
Social Action, T.E.A.R.S., Ushers
Starks' for Web.png
Allen & Renita Starks
Reclamation | ShepherdingVisitation
C.H.A.S.E., C.R.E.S., J.O.Y., L.I.F.T., M2Y, Media, Nursery, Worship & Praise, Young Adults


Burdeons for Web.png
Louis & Celeste Burden
Overtons for Web.png
Kevin & Ollie Overton
Assimilation, Evangelism
Watsons for Web.png
Mance & LaTanya Watson
Benevolence, Transportation